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I'm currently a masters student at University of Washington in their Human-Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) program. Before that I was at University of California Davis studying Design.

At Davis I was super fortunate to help commence the UC Placemaking Initiative under Glenda Drew and Brett Snyder and lucky to learn under Katia Vega in her Wearable Technology (now Interactive Objects) Lab. Both organizations have helped me realize two critical and equally important perspectives on design.

_1. Technological
Take advantage of new developments. Knowledge including and beyond biology, sensory information, and digital fabrication techniques expand what was previously thought possible.

_2. Social
Design has a social obligation, leaving legacies and provoking critical conversations for a more engaging and active collection.

Right now I'm pretty into rural computing and tangible-user interfaces. My design heroes beyond the professors who have inspired me are Hiroshi Ishii, John Maeda, Ash Thorpe, Ivan Poupyrev, Florian Aupetit, and Atey Ghailan.

I'm pretty good at using Adobe Creative Suite applications (Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Animate, Lightroom), coding (R, Python, Processing.js), web development (HTML/CSS/Javascript), phyical computing (Arduino), and photography. Always looking for innovative opportunities and challenging the current paradigm.

Let's tell stories.
   Rory McCaffrey


Digital Application for Waste Management Intervention

University of Washington HCDE 518
Fall Quarter 2020 (September-December)